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Welcome to the Nest!

A New Start..
That is what life is, a series of new starts.  When one chapter ends, another begins.  We have so many chapters in our lives, how do we remember them all?  Well, big life changes are how we mark various times.  Marriage, divorce, birth, illness, death, job changes, promotions are all big life changes.  Some we are prepared for, others not so much.
Another big life change: Moving!  I spent my first 9 years on this planet hopping from Army base to Army base.  I have now spent the last 35 years here in the Southland Corridor and moving over the years can be exciting, unnerving, time consuming; and let’s not talk about finding the movers or friends you can bribe with beer, to get you moved in. 
So let’s add the dimension of actually buying a home, or selling a home, where does your blood pressure go thinking about that? Even as a realtor, purchasing a home, and then selling it, was probably more stressful than getting married.
As a REALTOR, my job is to try and make this as painless as possible; but sometimes, life, and appraisers and bad lenders and uncooperative clients, can throw a wrench in the best laid plans.  And sometimes very funny things can happen; and some not so very funny things happen.
The new start for me is this blog.  This was supposed to go live on the 1st, but to tell the truth, my anxiety got the best of me.  Our business is moving at the speed of sound now, so one minute a website, then a blog, now I get to add video to it.  OH YAY…not!
So, I am going to try and keep it simple.  I want this to be a collection of stories, ideas, resources and some fun things I have seen, heard, been witness to over my years in the business.  My hope for this blog is to ease your anxiety so that when you are ready to make that new start, you are able to do so successfully.  See you soon!